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Corporate Defense & Compliance

The Molins & Silva Corporate Defense department at Molins & Silva is focused on providing its clients with an overall defense against the criminal risks that may affect the corporation.

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Molins & Silva - Corporate Defense

Molins & Silva is a Law Firm exclusively focused on the field of Criminal Law, which has been providing preventive and procedural legal aid both to individuals and to Corporations for more than two decades.
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A Law Firm exclusively focused on Criminal Law

We deal with any kind of crimes and we have a huge expertise in the criminal proceedings resolution within the different judicial instances.
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Molins & Silva’s Concept – Criminal Defense

We value experience as one of the firm’s biggest assets. Molins & Silva Defense Practice includes attorneys with extensive experience in all aspects of criminal defense. Firm Attorneys have tried thousands of cases and represented corporations and individuals in complex criminal cases involving various allegations, but have also negotiated settlements in the best interests of our clients. While we have an impressive record of success at trial, we never lose sight of the fact that often we can best assist our clients by resolving matters promptly and discreetly outside of public scrutiny.
Both the ever-increasing complexity in high-profile cases and their interdisciplinary and transnational dimension demand high-quality expertise (not just information). The Firm’s versatile team consists on a broad range of renowned litigators and professors, while all our practicing attorneys have obtained Criminal Law LLMs. We render our services in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Catalan.
We are aware of the huge change that trial practice has experienced in the past decades. This is the reason why we are experts both in internal and external team-work and in building partnerships with other firms, in order to seek special assistance in the field of criminal law.
The relationship with our clients is not merely commercial. Their case is our case. We therefore provide ongoing assistance and counsel prior, throughout and after a criminal proceeding.

Molins & Silva assumes its share of social responsibility and looks for ways to give back to its community. Therefore, after previous consideration from the Board, Molins & Silva devotes part of its energies and resources to pro bono cases defending gross violations of human rights.

Corporate Defense

Corporate Defense’s department in Molins & Silva – Criminal Defense – is orientated to provide an integral defense to the corporate clients against the penal risks that concern the company.

Criminal multi-jurisdictional analysis for companies

We offer services of evaluation of the penal risks, proposal of crime prevention strategies and coordination of penal defenses in each of the jurisdictions where the companies develop their corporate activities.

Prevention of criminal risks in the company

The important consequences that criminal procedures have for prosecuted companies have substantially modified the attitude of corporate clients towards the risks of an indictment.

Penal external advice for boards of directors

The implementation of the requirements derived from Corporate Governance policies increasingly demand an advice to the Boards of Directors.

Monitoring of the penal responsibility within the company

The monitoring of the penal responsibility within the company requires an extraordinary specialization.

Penal forensic defense for the company

The individual acts by the executives and/or the employees of a corporation may imply serious consequences in case that a criminal procedure is instituted.

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